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What is Realm?  Realm is an online ministry tool designed for real time connection.  It helps our church connect with you and you connect with us.  If you consider yourself part of this church family, you'll love it.  Realm allows you to manage your personal information and who is allowed to see it, control your giving, and keep in touch with others in our church.  We also post prayer requests and church events.

Why use Realm?  Realm helps us serve you better and keep connected to you during the week.  Unlike our paper directory, it is filled with the most current information for church member addresses, phone numbers, and you can upload new updated photos of your family.


What about my privacy?  Your privacy is one of our greatest concerns.  Realm is only made up of the people in our church, it's not like a social network that's open to everyone.  Realm keeps your data safe and gives you control over what information you share and who can see it.


What about giving?  Giving should be easy, and Realm places giving right in the palm of your hands.  You may set up recurring gifts, view your giving history, and make changes at any time.  Realm automatically records all electronic gifts and adds them to your giving record making it easy for you to give, and easy for our bookkeeper to track.


How do I start?  

1.  If you were previously on our old church directory system, you will receive and e-mail link to  change your password to login to Realm.  

2. If we have your e-mail address on file we will send you an invitation to join Realm.  If you haven't received an invitation you may contact the church office at (423) 652-2938 to request an invite.

3.  Your Realm login works on your home computer and on your mobile devices, so when you sign into Realm, use the login you created for the computer or app.  Links to the app are listed below.

4.  Please contact our secretary Keri McCracken at for more information.


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